Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our new play set

We live in an old house that  needs a lot of lovin' The back yard has been a mess since forever and it drives me BANANS because its huge and the babies can't play back there because its a war zone. My grandpa has eleven thousand bikes, sixty two ladders, and if you ever need a shovel, we've got about a million. Since we moved in, we've been slowly but surely  throwing away and organizing so that by summer the kids can play. There wasn't any grass, just DIRT... lots and lots of dirt. GAvin would come in from the back looking like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. CAKED in dirt. A couple weeks ago when it rained a ton, I convinced my Papa to throw down some seed and see what happened. A month later, we have BEAUTIFUL green grass to tickle our toes. I love it.  I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing green. My parents had a BIG play set that my sister and brother out grew that t hey found on Big TRash Day, so Steve decided to finally put it together yesterday. The kids loved it. Gavin is in heaven. He has a park sized slide and a "Lost Boys" fort on top. They both have a swing and Sissy girl loves it. I love it. It is so much fun to just walk out my back door into a park. There is still A LOT I want to do back there.... new fence, new patio furniture, paint the play set, maybe a sand box. Gav doesn't care, all he asked for was a pirate flag and a telescope like Captain Hook. I see lots and lots of fun ti,es in our new back yard. Makes me excited for summer.
Loving the swings

And his new hide out on top of the slide. He LOVES that his sister can't get up there

Needless to say these two LOVE each other and their new play set! 

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