Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jen C Gets Hitched... Mama and Daddy LET LOOSE!

Our friends Jen and Mike got hitched last night, and man oh man do they know how to throw a PARTY! It was so nice to ditched the sweat pants and get all dolled up for a night on the town. It was such a perfect night. Jen looked beautiful and Mike looked like he just won the Lotto. They were so happy. It was magical.

The Beginning of a GREAT night! 

                                         The BRIDE

Uh Oh.... things are starting to get a little crazy. We were getting our DANCE ON! 

Our tribute to those classy kids from the Jersey Shore! HA HA HA

The Bride and Groom busting a move

Here it is folks. This is what it looks like when the Mama and the Daddy go out with NO BABIES and an open bar! We had THE BEST time dancing, laughing, and just being with friends. It was such an amazing night! 

I LOVE you babe. And sitting in the church with you, listening to Jen and Mike say their vows, you held my hand a little tighter. I think we secretly renewed our vows last night. Marrying you was the BEST decision I've ever made, and even on our off days, we're good.... sooooo good together. Thanks for such a great night out. Thanks for dipping me and the end of our slow dance. Thanks for letting me wear your jacket on the walk back to the car, and kissing me on the forehead just because. Thank you for looking at me like I was the only one in the room. Thank you...... for as long as we both shall live. 
Congrats Mike and Jen. Buckle up kids.. marriage is a trip, but the best one you'll ever take! 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Captain Butt Head

You are lucky you're cute kid, cause today its all that's saving you from sleeping outside. Oh man is he REALLY good and being 2 1/2 . I think I should change his name to Mr. Naughty Pants, or maybe Captain Butt Head. Today he pushed his sister into the ground( a daily occurrence) stuck his tongue out at the cashier at Target. My grandpa took Sissy for a walk down the street and let Gavin ride his scooter. Five minutes into the walk I get a FRANTIC phone call from my Papa. Gavin had turned the corner and TOOK OFF down towards the major street we live on and WOULD NOT stop no matter how many times my grandpa called his name. The only reason he stopped is because my grandpa said he called the Police Man. Needles to say, Grandpa was VERY shaken up.SO, I grounded his scooter for a week and took away his park privileges. 
 And just five minutes ago I hear the sound of paper being ripped from his room where is SUPPOSED to be sleeping. I walk in to find he had ripped every page  of his favorite book into a million little pieces. I seriously could have strangled him. Sorry all you perfect Moms who just gasped, but my patience meter for naughty little boys is full. I took the book, without saying a word, and walked out. If I would have opened my mouth, I"m sure fire would have come out. Now I can here him running a car back and forth on his walls, which I'm sure is leaving black marks. SIGH........ like I said before, you are SO lucky you're cute son. So so lucky. I may schedule an appointment with his Dr. to confirm that their is nothing stuck in his ears, he just DOESN'T listen! Oh the head aches a two hear old brings. I love you son, but right now I'm considering boarding school. Don't push it :)  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

um... really????!!!

I know a chubby little monkey that would look DELICIOUS in this bathing suit. Thank you OLD NAVY, I think I may have to buy this for Sissy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh what a HIKE!

Sunday we went to my parents and we decided to take a walk down to the creek. I was game, I needed to work my booty out. My humongo double stroller wouldn't fit on the trails, so I packed Sissy and Gavin walked like a big boy. We walked and walked and walked, and explored explored explored. An hour and a half later, we realized it was time for me to take my hungry babies home. My mom and I headed back to the house with the kids, and like 5 minutes into it, Gavin was OVER walking and wanted to be carried back to the house. I KNEW IT! So, I gave Sissy to my mom, and I heaved my 32 pound two year old on my back and hiked back home. HOLY FREAKING CRAP! I was dying! I was so sore from my work out the day before, and this was sending me over the edge. My thighs burned so bad. The last hill home, my mom and I were contemplating letting the kids crawl home. HA HA. It was SUCH a great workout. Jillian would have been proud :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

We have a Love HATE relationship

For as long as I can remember, I have always been self conscious of my body. Even in high school, when I was 120 pounds, I was always the short curvy girl, flanked by tall lanky friends. Then I got married, ate too many pieces of wedding cake, had a baby, ate WAY too many congratulations chocolates, had another baby, and went from cute and curvy, to large marg! I complain and pinch and jiggle and sulk, but I never REALLY do anything to change the way I look. Not to make excuses, because I know PLENTY of mamas that make time in their busy schedules to work out, but I am TIRED by the end of the day. A 7 month old and a 2 year old are a lot of work, and by the time I have time to exercise, all I can think about is sitting on the couch and watching something other than a cartoon. I don't like gyms, and its not in our budget to have a membership. I take the kids on walks, but most of the times I don't get very far before Sofia wants out, Gavin drops a top off the side, and I have to stop a biz-zillion times to break up a brother sister fight. I have been kind of sown and out about this whole thing for a while, and the thought of summer time and pools and bathing suits has been haunting me. I knew I needed to get motivated somehow. So this is how it went down.
 A couple of weeks ago, we were at Target. surprise, and I saw Jillians face from the biggest loser on the cover of a bunch of DVD's. My initial reaction was" Bitch" cause lets face it, she is NASTY on that show.  Then i thought, she is exactly what I need. So, I bought her. She sat in the wrapper under my couch for two weeks up until tonight. I was sitting on the couch, and I wanted something sweet. So, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. At 9:30 at night. Once they were finished, I thought to myself: Self, you are an idiot, You deserve to be chubby. You moan and groan about your thunder thighs, but do nothing about it. So eat those cookies fatty, but DON'T complain when you're done! So, I ditched the cookies. TEAR, and popped in my new Frenemy, and got my ass handed to me. I was right, Jillian is a bitch. I was huffing and puffing and sweaty my brains out, while she and her little tight abbed bimbos smiled the ENTIRE time! I wanted to punch them. Lets face it... I wanted to BE them. I managed to get thru the 20 minute work out without puking or passing out, but let me tell you, I was FELLING IT! Holy crap! She does not mess around. So, the plan is to do it 5 times a week, and either walk or do yoga on the off days. I am NOT going to stop eating, because I really enjoy good food, but I am going to be more aware of what goes in my mouth. I am already moody enough, we don't need to add angry starving girl to the mix. I just don't need chocolate chip cookies at 9:30 at night. I also hate scales. Ask anyone, When I pregnant it was written on my chart not to tell me how much I weighed. I just think its dangerous to get caught up in a number. I will record my inches lost. I think its about feeling better in my skin and in my clothes, not about the weight. And let me be clear that I am not looking to be super skinny. I like my curves, I would just like them to not jiggle so much when I move! I want to be comfortable with my body so that when my daughter is older, she will have a healthy role model. I NEVER want her to be self conscious about herself. We are a curvy girl family, we better learn to love.
So, here's to Jillian and her dumb tight abbed bimbo friends. Bring it on girls, bring it on!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleeping to dream

Tonight when I went in to check on you sweet boy, this is what I found. You fell asleep with a baseball cap on. And you look like such a big boy. Sweet dreams little man. Sleep with the angels

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy Days= Crazy KIDS!

It's DUMPING outside, so we are stuck stuck stuck inside. My littles were bouncing off the walls, and each other by bed time.

They can't get enough of each other

LAUNCHING himself off the couch. Yup, I'm that mom that lets their crazy kids jump off the furniture

CAtching up on some toons, and taking a snooze

P.S. the potty training thing is SO MUCH work, and Gavin has figured out how to manipulate the system. He want to sit on the potty ALL day because he wants candy. Today he peed twice on the floor, and didn't even bat an eye. It doesn't bother him WHAT SO EVER to be in smelly wet pee pants. SO, I don't think he's ready. I'm going to keep him in a pull up, and still ask if he wants to go on the potty, but I'm not gonna force it. I think I like changing diapers more than cleaning pee off the floor all day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Rain and a Trip to the Potty

Its raining its pouring... we're stuck inside, so its time to POTTY TRAIN. AGAIN! I decided this morning after changing a man sized dirty diaper, that it just isn't for me anymore. So, we ditched the diap , put on McQueen chones, and went on the the pot every twenty minutes ALL day long.
Because this was last minute, I didn't have the supplies to make a super cute potty chart, but I found this huge desk top calendar that I bought in the dollar section, spruced it up a bit, and WA LA... a potty chart:) The deal is, he gets a sticker every time he goes potty. Five stickers gets you a trip to Target to pick out a new car. He did pretty good today. I put some Skittles in an old formula tin I had, covered it in paper and put a "Potty Candy" label on it. Either he's gonna be potty trained by the end of the month, or have a mouth full of cavities. His first trip into the bathroom this morning, we explained that when he has to pee, to point his peanut down and squirt the water like a squirt gun. Like two minutes later he said. "Mama, I can"t squirt it... my peanut got too Big!"
Steve and I almost died laughing! The joys of a boy...... oh man. Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Boy and his boogers

this conversation took place in the car on the way to Target
Me: "Gavin, what are you doing?"
Gavin: "looking for booger"
his finger shoved all the up his nose, scratching his brain I'm sure
Me: "Why are you doing that?"
Gavin: "Cause I lost my other one Mama"

Gross. When we got to Target, I opened the door to get him out, and low and behold... a row of boogers lined the door next to his car seat. I pointed to them and Gavin said " Mama. you FOUND THEM!"
ha ha... I love this boy, and his booger collection.

Oh Anthropologie.....



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goin' To The Chapel

My Bestie got ENGAGED this weekend and we couldn't be happier for this couple! We love you Whitney and Ted! We can't WAIT till the big day!

My cousin and her man got engaged on Monday night! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! These two are so cute together! Congrats guys!

Now lets start planning these parties GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make Em' Waff

Gavin is obsessed with this movie right now. Steve recorded it for me a couple of weeks ago, and since we've been stuck inside a lot thanks to being sick, we've been watching a lot of movies. I'd about HAD IT with Disney movies and episodes of Backyardigans, so I decided to play Singin' In The Rain. I thought it would last like 5 minutes before the whining started, but he LOVED IT! I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE. NOw he asks to watch it like three times a day. He runs around the house singing "Make Em Waff (laugh)". Its hysterical. He pretty much knows all of Donald O'Connors routine. I think its funny that a 2 1/2 year old likes old classic musicals. This little boy kills me

Well Hello Again Mickey

we made our first trip back to Disney on Monday, and it was perfect. The holiday crowds were long gone, and we pretty much walked onto every ride. It was nice and mellow, just the way I like it

can you tell they are father and son. Geese

It was a great day. Until Gavin had a coughing attack and barfed in front of Its a Small World. YIKES! At least he waited till we were off the boat. Poor little man. So we called it a day and went home. The kids were pooped. We've been cooped up in the house for  a while, all this action wore them out! see ya next time Disney... hopefully without the puke :)
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