Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Fall????

****once again thank you iphone for having a semi decent camera****

Once again the beach has saved us from another sweltering night. 
Most days I would be so happy to be dancing in the sun set, but now I am ready for FALL
 Am I the only one that craves the chill in the air??
I am ready to pack up the bathing suits and tank tops and bust out a cozy sweater. 
Although I am so grateful to live somewhere my babes can dig their toes in the salty sand, 
I would much rather be burying my toes in my Uggs

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Day Miss Emerson Elle Was Born

One of my best friends Bri had her baby girl last Tuesday, and she invited me into her room to experience the whole thing. Let me start by saying Thank You to Geoff and Bri for allowing me to be a part of such a huge moment in their lives. It was the most amazing experience. One that I will never ever forget and always keep very close to my heart. It was an honor to watch your baby girl come into this world, and it will be an honor to watch her grow up. Thank you guys so so much. 

The vibe in her labor room was so relaxing and mellow. You would never guess she was having a baby. I took pictures of EVERYTHING so that the Moms and Sisters could just be with Bri and Geoff. And let me tell you, I took 247 pictures. LOL 

Bri was only in labor for a little over 5 hours before it was GO time!!!!

Emerson Elle Moysa
6lbs 11 ounces
19 1/2 inches 

Isn't she a beauty? She was glowing looking at that babe.

Babies are magic. Seriously 

It was the most perfect day. 
Happy Birthday sweet babe
 We love you so so much and can't wait to watch you grow. 
Thank you Moysa family for letting me be a part of something so incredible  
Welcome to the world of tutus and hair bows. 
Enjoy your new family of FOUR 

Monday, September 20, 2010


Its been a funky month around here. We're just not our usual selves.
 Gavin is, well, three and VERY good at exhausting my patience. He's not a naughty boy, but he is having some listening issues that, very honestly, are going to make me insane. Or an alcoholic, which ever comes first :) 
The girl had croup last week and it sucked. That pretty much sums it up. She couldn't breath, which led to almost an entire night sleeping in the bathroom with the shower on scalding hot. She's all better now. thank goodness! 
And I am, well, I am in a funk. 
A big one.
 I am trying to sort through it, hence the lack of Blogging. 
So while I find my way out of the fog, I will do my best to not miss out on right now. 

SO, I raise my glass to a new week. Lets hope its better than last week 

P.S. One AMAZING thing did happen last week. Emerson Elle Moysa was born. I got to watch the whole thing. I will post about it SOON! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Got Candy Corn ???

This is a cruddy picture form my phone, but my camera is acting stupid and won't upload. ANd this was just too cute not to post now :) 

I love this for Halloween!!! I little candy corn action perfect for your little Boo :0 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fallin' For Fall

we kicked off the end of summer with a bon fire and chili with the Cotton Family 

I am ready for Fall. 
I am ready to light my candles, layer my cloths. make yummy baked treats and pots of hot soup.
 I'm ready to buy polka dot tights for my girl.
 I want to be chilly when we play outside. I want the leaves on the trees to change orange and brown.
 I want to snuggle under lots of blankets with my hubby.
 I'm ready for all the new babies to be born
For Gavin to start school 
Pumpkin patches, holidays, scarves and cozy boots 

This summer was a ton of fun, but I am welcoming this Autumn with open arms 
I want a change
I need a change
I am ready for a change

Friday, September 3, 2010

Something to Remember

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuff About The Boy

This boy has been cracking me up lately. Yesterday after bath time while we were changing into our jammies, he asked me if Sissy was gonna have a baby. I said no, and asked him why he thought that? He said because her belly was SO big. LOL! 

On an other note....We've been looking into preschools the past week, and we think we've finally found one that we love. I have to say, this was a hard one for me. To find somewhere I feel comfortable leaving my babe is not an easy task. I get anxiety just writing about it. But, he is ready. He is ready to have friends and make projects. I am ready for him to come home from school smelling of glue and sweaty boy ,and tell me all he's learned. 
So, in he next couple of weeks he will be out of my care two days a week. YIKES! I think I'm gonna have a harder time with the drop off than he is :( But it is a good thing. For him, for me, and for Sissy girl.
 What will we do just us girls?
 I don't remember what its like to only have one babe. 
So, now I'm on the hunt for a cute lunch box and back pack. Like he cares what he carries, but I do! The hubby thinks I'm crazy but I don't care. Your first born only has his first day of preschool once, so if I wanna send him with a super cute back pack to put his non existent books and homework in, then 

15 Things I LOVE about Her

Sissy Girl is 15 months old, going on 15 years. She's a bit of a Sass but seriously, how cute is she. 
Here are 15 things I love about her right now 
  1.  This face. Are you kidding me with this pint sized attitude. This is the look I get when I tell her not to do something, or right before she's going to do something naughty. Oh man, I can just tell her teen years are gonna be DRAMATIC! 
  2. Eery night after bath she runs naked up and down the halls yelling at the top of her lungs for at least three minutes straight. like her diaper has restricted her from being free all day and now she just need to go wild 
  3. If you let her, she would eat all day long. Doesn't matter what, she has never met a food she doesn't like. Nope, strike that, she doesn't like eggs. 
  4. She walks around asking for kisses all day
  5. When she hugs you, she wraps her arms around your neck and then pats you on the back. 
  6. She is a Mama's girl right now
  7. She loves to swing
  8. at the end of every day, she os so dirty I am afraid our neighbors think I let my kids sleep outside in the sandbox. MOST of her cloths are stained with something gross from the backyard, but I don't care. Kids are supposed to be dirty
  9. When she can't do something she says "Ugghhhh" really loud. Its hysterical
  10. she is not afraid of anything or anyone. I love this about her
  11. when she has a wet/dirty diaper she tells me and gets herself a clean one and lays down and waits to be changed.... hopefully this means she will be an early potty trainer :) 
  12. She LOVES shoes. Like really loves them. The shoe section at Target is like her heaven. 
  13. at night when we say our prayers before bed, she folds her chubby little hands and yells along with her brother. it may be the sweetest thing I've ever seen
  14. I think in her past life she was a fish. This girl loves the water 
  15. she has four teeth. Two on the bottom and her two vampire teeth, We call them summer teeth... summ'er here summ'er there :) 

I can't get enough of this babe. 

P.S. weird to think that when Gavin was 15 months old I got pregnant with this little nugget. A fact that doesn't make my baby craving any easier to curb! 
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