Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some New Tunes

Looking for some new music for your sweet babes to dance to?????? This CD is the soundtrack to our rainy days inside, or out in the backyard when we play with chalk and blow bubbles. It is amazing. We are a big music family. I love to have it on all the time and watch my sweet babes dance and sing while we do our daily business. My Uncle Jamie has made THREE childrens CD's that are so wonderful, not only for kids, but for the mama's and daddy's too. The songs are smart and sweet, but NOT like listening to Barny or the other irritating kids groups that get stupid songs like "Loco Legs" stuck in your head for days on end. You know what I'm talking about! His voice is sweet and pure and his guitar is so soothing and wonderful. Check it out HERE, as well as his other three CD's. I hope you love them as much we do! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Presto Change-O

I have been searching for something to hold all of my earrings for a while now. I came upon a couple tutorials and decided to try one. I LOVE the way it turned out. I found a frame on Clearance for $1.49 at Wal Mart that I thought would work perfect. A couple coats of spray paint, and I stapled some mesh screen to the back of the frame, and PRESTO... a super cute earring holder. The whole thing cost under $3.00 because I already had the screen. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introducing Sissy's new trick. We think it pretty funny. Especially her brother :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Treat For the Babes

We decided to make a last minute trip to Disneyland to treat the kids cause they've been stuck at home all week. It was SO fun! Sofia is starting to get involved in stuff now. She had such a great time this trip. She yelled on all the rides and shook her head "yes" like she loved it. I love that she is having just as much fun as her brother. Its so great to watch them do stuff together. 
My little monkeys 

We NEVER buy treats when we go, but this day we bought TONS! Carmel Apples, Oreo Cookie Brownies, and Micky suckers. YUM!

I HAD to take a picture of Sissy's new shoes. I die every time I look down at those chubby toes

Two very POOPED babes at the end of a great family day! I love you guys! 

A Headache

I am back in the Land of the Living... FINALLY! Last Thursday night I got the WORST migraine in the history of headaches. Long story short, by Friday afternoon, the pain was SO bad that my ears were numb, I couldn't move, open my eyes, eat, or stand any noise, however so faint. The sound of my phone vibrating would make me cry. I was MISERABLE and helpless. I have never had a migraine before, so I had no idea what to do. I just kept thinking it would go away. Steve called my Mom cause he was freaked out, and she told him to take me to urgent care. I was uncontrollably crying because the pain was so excruciating, and I was EXHAUSTED! We left for the Dr at 3:00 and I wasn't sen until 7:00 pm. By then, I wanted to kill someone, or have someone just put me out of my misery. The Dr had to turn the light on in the room and Steve had to do all the talking. The Dr asked me to open my eyes so he could dilate my pupils. HA FAT CHANCE DR! I couldn't even stand the light from his computer screen in a dark room with my eyes closed, and he wanted me to voluntarily open them so he could shine a stupid little flash light into them,?! I'm not stupid. I told him no like 100 times. He, of coarse, said that if I wanted medication and not a trip to the hospital, I should do what he says. Bastard...... I wanted to bite his hand off. But, I did it, and it hurt like hell, and I cried, and he gave me medication, just like he promised. Lucky him. I got two shots a medication in my booty, poor nurse. One to help me stop wanting to puke everywhere, and one for pain. I had to lay there for an hour, and then they let me go home. I puked twice that night due to the pain. Anyways, this stupid headache lasted until Wed morning. Oh yeah, it was a doozy. I freakin hated every second of it. I couldn't eat, sleep, talk, look up or down, hug my babies, or roll over in bed. The sound of my kids laughing was enough to send me over the edge, which of coarse made me feel guilty. My husband was AMAZING thru it all. He picked up right where I left off Thursday afternoon. I love him. I love him so much its crazy.
Now I am back to normal, still a little sluggish, but mostly back to being me. We've been laying low and hanging in the backyard. Gavin still asks me every ten minutes if my head is ok. Followed by a GIANT hug and an " I love you mommy. I missed you when you were sick". Oh man I love that sweet boy and his sweet heart. I am so glad I can enjoy them again. I missed them while I was sleeping in bed.

Breakfast in bed on Monday. It was the first day I could actually eat so we decided to have a waffle party in bed :) 

Steve bought Gavin this velcro catch set for being such a GREAT boy while I was sick. He LOVED it! 

We couldn't have been more grateful for our newly cleaned up back yard. It was so handy for Steve to just let the kids run wild all day in our own "park", and then pop in to check on me. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL! 

I think she grew! She looks so big to me now
And my Papa..... he took the kids on a walk everyday to give Steve a break.He even stayed with them while I was at the Dr. He was so helpful! He and Steve were EXHAUSTED by the time Wed rolled around. You guys are the best, I couldn't have done it without you. And thanks to my In laws for taking the kids ALL DAY on Saturday so that Steve could go to work. 
Its good to be back! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There is light at the end of the tunnel

I am FINALLY feeling better after having the WORST migraine that ever lived. I will post about it later, because today I am enjoying my babes. Oh how I have missed these faces. So for now, here is this picture of my two loves smoochin' while we all ate breakfast in the big bed.
 It feels good to be me again 

P.S. My hubby is the best thing since sliced bread. I love you babe! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day to my wife who is the most beautiful, amazing, unselfish, and loving woman/mommy I know. The last 2 days have been tough for you because you have been stuck in bed trying to recover from the horrific migraine since Thursday evening, which landed you in the urgent care the following day. And I know not being able to take care of the kids or clean the house left you feeling useless. So I took on the extremely tough job of taking care of our two very active kids all day on Saturday. And let me tell you something... in no way was that easy. It was exhausting!!! I have to give you, and all the stay-at-home moms credit. Being a housewife/homemaker is the hardest job by far because it is NEVER ENDING. From the time Sofia woke up to putting Gavin to sleep, I had to feed them, change them, play with them, and bathe them. Something that you make look so easy at times. But I definitely understand how tiring it is. Because when it was all over I was spent. But I did it because I had to. I am their parent too and it was my duty to step up. And even though you were lying in bed, sleeping most of the time, your kids and myself missed you very much. From all the little things that you do in a typical routine day, that norm made my job a little easier. It wasn't the same without you. Gavin was very concerned about you, saying that "I miss my mommy." So Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. I love you very much and I am glad you are feeling better.
Love your hubby.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This song is a big hit in our house

"What you talking about Willis!!!!?????"


My babies are finally starting to play TOGETHER. Usually its 
one bugging the other. Someone takes a toy, or Gavin pummels Sofia into the ground like she's a big kid. Today they actually played, nicely. It was wonderful. It made me excited for what the years have in store for us. I love that they are so close in age because they will always be close. They will BUG each other at times I'm sure, but they will love each other so much. That makes me a happy mama

this picture freaks me out! Flash forward 16 years and thats her in her car and my little tough guy on a Harley. Oh crap.... I am NOT ready for that

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Love

So, we've been so busy lately I haven't really had time to craft. I was at Target and found these Valentine's glitter letters and heart invitations, and I knew I could do something with them. I had some ikea frames I had found in the "as is" section for 50 cents, painted them white and glued glass vase pebbles to the front. Found those at Wal Mart on clearance for $2.00. Popped the glitter letters in the frames, and WA LA...... valentine's day decor. I think they turned out pretty cute! And I am actually really impressed on how cute the frames look in person. Try it... its so fun and easy! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010


how cute are YOU!!!!!! I am going to make me some of these ASAP! You can too... click HERE

8 is GREAT

                      and so is this sweet babe

Baby Girl, 
Today I looked at you, and you looked different. Bigger, smarter, faster, funnier, more beautiful than you did when you woke up just this morning. Eight months ago today, you made me a pretty lucky lady. I was afraid to have you. Afraid I wouldn't know how to raise a girl. Afraid I would put you in boy clothes and force you to play pirates and race cars. Afraid that some day we wouldn't be friends. Little did I know, I had NOTHING to be afraid of. You are this perfect little thing that I get to kiss whenever I want. I get to count your toes and twirl your wispy brown hair around my finger when we lay down at nap time. You bat your big beautiful lashes when you know you've done something silly. Gets me every time. You dance when you hear music, and smile bigger than I ever knew possible when your brother comes in the room. When you are sleepy, you like to curl up on my chest and play with my necklace till your heavy eyes shut. And yes, you do play pirates and race cars with brother, and I love it. You are nothing to be afraid of. You are everything love is. You fill my soul with such bliss. Thank you for the past eight months. They have been magic. Mama loves you baby girl, and we will ALWAYS be friends. I promise

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our new play set

We live in an old house that  needs a lot of lovin' The back yard has been a mess since forever and it drives me BANANS because its huge and the babies can't play back there because its a war zone. My grandpa has eleven thousand bikes, sixty two ladders, and if you ever need a shovel, we've got about a million. Since we moved in, we've been slowly but surely  throwing away and organizing so that by summer the kids can play. There wasn't any grass, just DIRT... lots and lots of dirt. GAvin would come in from the back looking like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. CAKED in dirt. A couple weeks ago when it rained a ton, I convinced my Papa to throw down some seed and see what happened. A month later, we have BEAUTIFUL green grass to tickle our toes. I love it.  I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing green. My parents had a BIG play set that my sister and brother out grew that t hey found on Big TRash Day, so Steve decided to finally put it together yesterday. The kids loved it. Gavin is in heaven. He has a park sized slide and a "Lost Boys" fort on top. They both have a swing and Sissy girl loves it. I love it. It is so much fun to just walk out my back door into a park. There is still A LOT I want to do back there.... new fence, new patio furniture, paint the play set, maybe a sand box. Gav doesn't care, all he asked for was a pirate flag and a telescope like Captain Hook. I see lots and lots of fun ti,es in our new back yard. Makes me excited for summer.
Loving the swings

And his new hide out on top of the slide. He LOVES that his sister can't get up there

Needless to say these two LOVE each other and their new play set! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Make Up Day

I promised today would be better than yesterday, so we decided to go down to the beach to our FAVORITE breakfast spot and take a walk and and just be mellow. Grandpa decided to meet us down there, which was nice. We sat outside, watched the cars and motorcycles drive by. Gavin said hello to all the "Grandpa Harley's " that rode by. Breakfast was DELISH! 
With VERY full belly's we headed down Main Street towards the Pier. It as a bit chilly, but still a beautiful day in Southern California
                                                           How lucky are we to live so close to the coast. 

Our attempt at a family photo 

Looking for treasure. I see you MAMA!

yup... Sissy and I were there too :) 

NO MORE pictures mom. 

After the beach, we headed to the store. Bought some yummy stuff, came home, built Gavins play set, and went down the slide till our booties hurt. We ate dinner on the living room floor and watched "Cloudy With A Side of Meatballs". It was such a great day. It definitely made up for yesterday. I love these faces so much.

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