Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Make Up Day

I promised today would be better than yesterday, so we decided to go down to the beach to our FAVORITE breakfast spot and take a walk and and just be mellow. Grandpa decided to meet us down there, which was nice. We sat outside, watched the cars and motorcycles drive by. Gavin said hello to all the "Grandpa Harley's " that rode by. Breakfast was DELISH! 
With VERY full belly's we headed down Main Street towards the Pier. It as a bit chilly, but still a beautiful day in Southern California
                                                           How lucky are we to live so close to the coast. 

Our attempt at a family photo 

Looking for treasure. I see you MAMA!

yup... Sissy and I were there too :) 

NO MORE pictures mom. 

After the beach, we headed to the store. Bought some yummy stuff, came home, built Gavins play set, and went down the slide till our booties hurt. We ate dinner on the living room floor and watched "Cloudy With A Side of Meatballs". It was such a great day. It definitely made up for yesterday. I love these faces so much.

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  1. yay I am so glad it was a better day!!!! you deserved a good one after Monday... see you tomorrow.


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