Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's Sunday and raining outside. Just the way a October Sunday should be. James Taylor is playing, my babes and their daddy are coloring in the kitchen talking about dinosaurs and princesses. My apple cider candle is burning and the little fish in my belly is doing his morning stretches while I lay on the couch.
There are some days that are impossible. Moments that make me want to throw in the towel and run away. Days that seem never ending. An then there are moments like this, where everything just seems so right. Moments where the calm sweeps away all of the crazy life stuff, giving us a much needed break. Looking into the kitchen, listening to funny their little stories, my heart is full.
Thank you Sunday.
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Monday, October 15, 2012


This picture sums up how I feel these days. TIRED! From the minute I wake up till the minute I close my eyes at night I am so dang tired. I swear I think there is an indentation of my big ole booty on my couch. Pregnancy the third time around is a whole different ball game. It's just as special but I feel like there is less time to sit back and kick your feet up when the struggles of carrying another human being kick in. Your kids don't stop just because you're tired, especially when you're tired all day everyday. Last week sucked. Plain and simple. I wasn't feeling well, the kids got a cold, I wanted super nanny to swoop in and take me away for 24 hours so I could just sleep. Shocker, that never happened. I honestly don't know how that Dugger lady does it because being prego while raising other children is freggin hard. I'm trying to remind myself to slow down. I've been racking my brain for quiet time activities my kids can do so I can sit for a second. I'm thinking I might even take myself on a solo date this week just to be quiet and calm.

Here's to 17 more weeks of baking a baby

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Monday, October 8, 2012

He Read Me a Story

Tonight my son read this book to me. That's right, he read it TO me. Except for maybe six words, that boy sat down next to me on the couch and blew my mind. I will never forget the swell in my heart as he moved his little finger from word to word, sounding each one out. I will never forget his concentration and how proud he was when he finished. But most of all, I will never forget how insanely proud I felt of my sweet sweet boy when he turned the last page. This moment will go down in the books along with your first smile, first step, first word, first giggle, your first freckle. I love you so much baby boy. Thank you for reminding me tonight that hard work and determination can make amazing things happen. I can't wait till story time tomorrow night.

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