Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My babies are finally starting to play TOGETHER. Usually its 
one bugging the other. Someone takes a toy, or Gavin pummels Sofia into the ground like she's a big kid. Today they actually played, nicely. It was wonderful. It made me excited for what the years have in store for us. I love that they are so close in age because they will always be close. They will BUG each other at times I'm sure, but they will love each other so much. That makes me a happy mama

this picture freaks me out! Flash forward 16 years and thats her in her car and my little tough guy on a Harley. Oh crap.... I am NOT ready for that


  1. Nothing wrong with him on a Harley in my book ! ! ! Garndpa Harley

  2. Now all he has to do is learn how to SPELL ! ! !

    Love you guys to the moon

  3. OMG, how is it even possible that they just keep getting cuter by the post!?

    Where in the world did you get that FAB little kitchen??? I've been looking for a kitchen FOREVER...but they're all so girly.

  4. Ok don't you remember my huge rant on my old blog about how I thought play kitchen makers were sexest for only making girly kitchens. Ha ha. I found this one on line at wal mart of all places. It's by kid kraft and it's all wood and it's great quality. And it's gender neutral and super cute. All fir $100 and free shipping

  5. Maybe I can talk the grandparents into this for a joint Christmas gift next year. I want one SO bad. I have no idea where in my teeny tiny house (that by the way is already over run with toys) it will go... but *I* need it! hahaha.

    I vaguely remember


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