Thursday, February 4, 2010

8 is GREAT

                      and so is this sweet babe

Baby Girl, 
Today I looked at you, and you looked different. Bigger, smarter, faster, funnier, more beautiful than you did when you woke up just this morning. Eight months ago today, you made me a pretty lucky lady. I was afraid to have you. Afraid I wouldn't know how to raise a girl. Afraid I would put you in boy clothes and force you to play pirates and race cars. Afraid that some day we wouldn't be friends. Little did I know, I had NOTHING to be afraid of. You are this perfect little thing that I get to kiss whenever I want. I get to count your toes and twirl your wispy brown hair around my finger when we lay down at nap time. You bat your big beautiful lashes when you know you've done something silly. Gets me every time. You dance when you hear music, and smile bigger than I ever knew possible when your brother comes in the room. When you are sleepy, you like to curl up on my chest and play with my necklace till your heavy eyes shut. And yes, you do play pirates and race cars with brother, and I love it. You are nothing to be afraid of. You are everything love is. You fill my soul with such bliss. Thank you for the past eight months. They have been magic. Mama loves you baby girl, and we will ALWAYS be friends. I promise

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