Friday, February 19, 2010

A Headache

I am back in the Land of the Living... FINALLY! Last Thursday night I got the WORST migraine in the history of headaches. Long story short, by Friday afternoon, the pain was SO bad that my ears were numb, I couldn't move, open my eyes, eat, or stand any noise, however so faint. The sound of my phone vibrating would make me cry. I was MISERABLE and helpless. I have never had a migraine before, so I had no idea what to do. I just kept thinking it would go away. Steve called my Mom cause he was freaked out, and she told him to take me to urgent care. I was uncontrollably crying because the pain was so excruciating, and I was EXHAUSTED! We left for the Dr at 3:00 and I wasn't sen until 7:00 pm. By then, I wanted to kill someone, or have someone just put me out of my misery. The Dr had to turn the light on in the room and Steve had to do all the talking. The Dr asked me to open my eyes so he could dilate my pupils. HA FAT CHANCE DR! I couldn't even stand the light from his computer screen in a dark room with my eyes closed, and he wanted me to voluntarily open them so he could shine a stupid little flash light into them,?! I'm not stupid. I told him no like 100 times. He, of coarse, said that if I wanted medication and not a trip to the hospital, I should do what he says. Bastard...... I wanted to bite his hand off. But, I did it, and it hurt like hell, and I cried, and he gave me medication, just like he promised. Lucky him. I got two shots a medication in my booty, poor nurse. One to help me stop wanting to puke everywhere, and one for pain. I had to lay there for an hour, and then they let me go home. I puked twice that night due to the pain. Anyways, this stupid headache lasted until Wed morning. Oh yeah, it was a doozy. I freakin hated every second of it. I couldn't eat, sleep, talk, look up or down, hug my babies, or roll over in bed. The sound of my kids laughing was enough to send me over the edge, which of coarse made me feel guilty. My husband was AMAZING thru it all. He picked up right where I left off Thursday afternoon. I love him. I love him so much its crazy.
Now I am back to normal, still a little sluggish, but mostly back to being me. We've been laying low and hanging in the backyard. Gavin still asks me every ten minutes if my head is ok. Followed by a GIANT hug and an " I love you mommy. I missed you when you were sick". Oh man I love that sweet boy and his sweet heart. I am so glad I can enjoy them again. I missed them while I was sleeping in bed.

Breakfast in bed on Monday. It was the first day I could actually eat so we decided to have a waffle party in bed :) 

Steve bought Gavin this velcro catch set for being such a GREAT boy while I was sick. He LOVED it! 

We couldn't have been more grateful for our newly cleaned up back yard. It was so handy for Steve to just let the kids run wild all day in our own "park", and then pop in to check on me. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL! 

I think she grew! She looks so big to me now
And my Papa..... he took the kids on a walk everyday to give Steve a break.He even stayed with them while I was at the Dr. He was so helpful! He and Steve were EXHAUSTED by the time Wed rolled around. You guys are the best, I couldn't have done it without you. And thanks to my In laws for taking the kids ALL DAY on Saturday so that Steve could go to work. 
Its good to be back! 

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