Monday, September 20, 2010


Its been a funky month around here. We're just not our usual selves.
 Gavin is, well, three and VERY good at exhausting my patience. He's not a naughty boy, but he is having some listening issues that, very honestly, are going to make me insane. Or an alcoholic, which ever comes first :) 
The girl had croup last week and it sucked. That pretty much sums it up. She couldn't breath, which led to almost an entire night sleeping in the bathroom with the shower on scalding hot. She's all better now. thank goodness! 
And I am, well, I am in a funk. 
A big one.
 I am trying to sort through it, hence the lack of Blogging. 
So while I find my way out of the fog, I will do my best to not miss out on right now. 

SO, I raise my glass to a new week. Lets hope its better than last week 

P.S. One AMAZING thing did happen last week. Emerson Elle Moysa was born. I got to watch the whole thing. I will post about it SOON! 


  1. Sorry friend...I hate being in a will be OK! = )

  2. I think there is something in the air right now- something that blocks a mom's voice from entering a child's ears. Ashley has been testing my limits with the listening lately which doesn't help my already crappy mood. I hope the week gets better and until then enjoy your drinks :-)


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