Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuff About The Boy

This boy has been cracking me up lately. Yesterday after bath time while we were changing into our jammies, he asked me if Sissy was gonna have a baby. I said no, and asked him why he thought that? He said because her belly was SO big. LOL! 

On an other note....We've been looking into preschools the past week, and we think we've finally found one that we love. I have to say, this was a hard one for me. To find somewhere I feel comfortable leaving my babe is not an easy task. I get anxiety just writing about it. But, he is ready. He is ready to have friends and make projects. I am ready for him to come home from school smelling of glue and sweaty boy ,and tell me all he's learned. 
So, in he next couple of weeks he will be out of my care two days a week. YIKES! I think I'm gonna have a harder time with the drop off than he is :( But it is a good thing. For him, for me, and for Sissy girl.
 What will we do just us girls?
 I don't remember what its like to only have one babe. 
So, now I'm on the hunt for a cute lunch box and back pack. Like he cares what he carries, but I do! The hubby thinks I'm crazy but I don't care. Your first born only has his first day of preschool once, so if I wanna send him with a super cute back pack to put his non existent books and homework in, then 

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