Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The House that Germs Built

we have been sick sick sick.. and the kids have been stir CRAZY! Steve and I peeled our germy selves out of bed and let the kids eat lunch outside and play a little bit. They LOVED it. And Steve and I layed in the sun in hopes it would burn the sick out of us. Ugh... we NEVER get sick, but when we do we get SICK, and this time it hit us hard, and at the same time. Someone please tell me how that is fair. How do you take care of two babes while both the mama and the daddy are stuck in bed with tissues shoved up their noses, sweating their fevers out and hacking up a lung. How was that for a visual. Nothing like fighting with a stubborn two year old when you can't breath out of your nose or stand for longer than two minutes before feeling like your going to fall over. NO FUN! We are feeling better today, but man oh man are we wiped. I think a vacation is in our future. We need to have some fun family time, cause let me tell you, being cooped up in the house as cranky as we've been, we are at each others throats. The only one still smiling is Sissy Girl, and thank God for that. She is our little ray of sunshine in a gloomy grouchy house. This video of them makes me smile. For a couple of minutes, no one was crying. They were lovin' each other.

Don't be offended if you see me with a TUB of Purell in my hand, ready to squirt the next person coming near me or my babes. I DO NOT want to get this sick again!

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