Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where've You Been

Well, let me tell you. My Blog was DELETED, thats right, DELETED. It was done by mistake, and now I am paying for it by having everything erased. I am devastated. A lot of people may laugh at my tragedy. I mean, there are worse things in life that could happen, but my Blog was not just a silly little place with a couple of pictures. It was a place for me to come and unload my thoughts. A place where I worked very hard to document every important thing my babes did. Every letter I have ever written them, every funny little thing they've said or done, has been erased. I will always know them in my heart, but my Blog was a place for them to look back on.
So, after crying about it, and sending COUNTLESS Help emails, begging for someone to recover it, I have to decided to start a new one. If my old one gets recovered, I will just link them together.
Here's to a knew year and a new place to write.


  1. That is horrible. There are places that will make your blog into a book. I need to invest in that because this would be a nightmare for me! It is like a journal of memories. I would hate to lose this.

  2. Thanks for you sweet comment. He's still hanging on. I just did a loooooong update that I've been working on for days. I upload my blog into a program called booksmart and have it published into a book. You should definetly check it out. I would be beyond heart broken if I lost my blog!


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