Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas this year for us was SO special. Gavin really understood that Santa was going to come once we were all asleep, and leave goodies under the tree. I think Steve and I were more excited to see his face than anything else. Gav woke up at 6:15 Christmas morning, calling for us in his bed. " Mama, Daddy, I'm ready to see my presents". We got him up ( Sissy slept late, so she missed the big reveal) He bolted into the living room, and it was magic. His eyes twinkled with the reflection of the tree lights, and the biggest smile graced he perfect little face. It was the best gift anyone could have given me. Of coarse he wanted to open EVERYTHING right away. Even if they weren't his. He though EVERY gift should have been a car or a truck. ha ha. It was such a great morning

so happy to get his kitchen! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Harley!

porr Sissy couldn't breath out of her nose, so her mouth hung open all day.

someone really should invent edible wrapping paper!!!

a little later that day we headed over to Steve's parents for home made waffles, tons of family, and MORE PRESENTS!

making "Snow" angels..... or grass angels. Whatever
Santa was good to these babes this year. Gavin got a million cars, just like he asked for. Sofia got tons of delicious wrapping paper to chew on, just like she asked for. And I got two magical babes and a pretty perfect husband. This Christmas was perfect.

This year I learned that its not about whats wrapped in pretty paper, waiting under the tree. Its what lives in this house, and gives me kisses and hugs every morning and every night. Its about the twenty little fingers and twenty little toes that hog our bed. Its about sharing life with my soul mate. Its about family. And man oh man, do I love mine.
To the moon and back.
A million times
This Christmas was perfect.
But this Santa's helper is TIRED!

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