Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Rain and a Trip to the Potty

Its raining its pouring... we're stuck inside, so its time to POTTY TRAIN. AGAIN! I decided this morning after changing a man sized dirty diaper, that it just isn't for me anymore. So, we ditched the diap , put on McQueen chones, and went on the the pot every twenty minutes ALL day long.
Because this was last minute, I didn't have the supplies to make a super cute potty chart, but I found this huge desk top calendar that I bought in the dollar section, spruced it up a bit, and WA LA... a potty chart:) The deal is, he gets a sticker every time he goes potty. Five stickers gets you a trip to Target to pick out a new car. He did pretty good today. I put some Skittles in an old formula tin I had, covered it in paper and put a "Potty Candy" label on it. Either he's gonna be potty trained by the end of the month, or have a mouth full of cavities. His first trip into the bathroom this morning, we explained that when he has to pee, to point his peanut down and squirt the water like a squirt gun. Like two minutes later he said. "Mama, I can"t squirt it... my peanut got too Big!"
Steve and I almost died laughing! The joys of a boy...... oh man. Wish us luck!

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