Sunday, January 3, 2010

I want to give life the middle finger

two seconds after I snapped this photo.. he had a coughing attack and barfed in his bed

This little boy has been sick. Very very sick. It started three weeks ago as a cold, turned into an ear infection, and now he was an infection in his lungs that makes him cough so hard, he throws up. Sigh..... this boy is sick.
He has to use an inhaler every six hours, and take an oral steroid to help  the inflammation in his lungs. He has been such a trooper, but this has been a VERY rocky couple of weeks. Did I mention that Sissy girl is sick too. Yup, two sick kids that DO NOT sleep very well cause they are either coughing, puking, or can't breath thru their noses, makes a VERY tired and BURTN OUT mama. I didn't even know this level of exhaustion existed. And now, of coarse, I am sick, which makes my days that much longer cause all I want to do is curl up in bed, but my babies need me.
                                                                        Its been rough
I know this post sounds like one big complaint, but I don't care. I am complaining. I want my kids to feel better. I want Gavin to be able to play with his friends without hacking up a lung. I want Sofia to sleep thru the night because she can breath again thru her nose. I want to sleep thru the night, instead of changing bed linens twice a night covered in vomit. I want us to not be cranky and tired. I want to be healthy. I want the Dr to fix my kids. I'm tired, and so are they.
                                                                                   BIG SIGH

I want a vacation
I want my cloths to not have boogers ALL OVER THEM!
I want my babes to be happy again

                                                                                 BIGGER SIGH
Ok, I'm done complaining now.
Thanks for listening

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