Friday, January 29, 2010

Captain Butt Head

You are lucky you're cute kid, cause today its all that's saving you from sleeping outside. Oh man is he REALLY good and being 2 1/2 . I think I should change his name to Mr. Naughty Pants, or maybe Captain Butt Head. Today he pushed his sister into the ground( a daily occurrence) stuck his tongue out at the cashier at Target. My grandpa took Sissy for a walk down the street and let Gavin ride his scooter. Five minutes into the walk I get a FRANTIC phone call from my Papa. Gavin had turned the corner and TOOK OFF down towards the major street we live on and WOULD NOT stop no matter how many times my grandpa called his name. The only reason he stopped is because my grandpa said he called the Police Man. Needles to say, Grandpa was VERY shaken up.SO, I grounded his scooter for a week and took away his park privileges. 
 And just five minutes ago I hear the sound of paper being ripped from his room where is SUPPOSED to be sleeping. I walk in to find he had ripped every page  of his favorite book into a million little pieces. I seriously could have strangled him. Sorry all you perfect Moms who just gasped, but my patience meter for naughty little boys is full. I took the book, without saying a word, and walked out. If I would have opened my mouth, I"m sure fire would have come out. Now I can here him running a car back and forth on his walls, which I'm sure is leaving black marks. SIGH........ like I said before, you are SO lucky you're cute son. So so lucky. I may schedule an appointment with his Dr. to confirm that their is nothing stuck in his ears, he just DOESN'T listen! Oh the head aches a two hear old brings. I love you son, but right now I'm considering boarding school. Don't push it :)  

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  1. Sometimes I SWEAR I'm reading my own thoughts when I read your blog. It cracks me up! Only you're really good...I open my mouth and let the fire let :( It's my goal to work on that more though.


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