Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Sicky

Last night the boy had a pretty high fever. The yucky kind that make his eyes little and his body shake. He was so hot and so sad. It made my heart hurt. A lot.

This morning we woke and I was praying for healthy babes.
A popsicle and a Dr's visit later....... The boy has Strep Throat and an ear infection.
Really???? I mean c'mon. This poor sweet babe is so tired and his throat hurts so bad.
I hate this.
I hate when my littles are sick.
I wish I could trade places.

I love you to your bones son, even the Sicky ones

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  1. Such a bummer. We were at the Dr. last week for a fever and a cough. Mila got tested for Strep throat but luckily it was just a really sore throat. I hope your little man feels better ASAP!!!

  2. Way bummer, we used to always get sick, now it seems that you guys are! At least he looks cute as ever in this pic...


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