Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Almost the last supper

Tonight at dinner, my babes were being extra awesome and eating like they were pigs eating from a trough. I mean seriously, they were being so gross. After asking them a least ten times to please eat like ladies and gentlemen, and wiping up the mess with a lysol wipe from my freshly repainted table like a freak mom (pictures to come I swear) I threw my hands up and exclaimed that mommy was very very tired and if they chose not to eat like ladies and gentlemen I was going to throw their food in the trash and they would go to bed with hungry bellies and I would give the rest of our food to children that listened. Oh yeah, that's right, I got crazy. I was in the mom zone where I could no longer see straight and I could feel the horns poking through my forehead.
You know you've been there. Now don't you feel better that you're not the only one.
Anyways, after I had made my dramatic statement to my little piglet children, my son looked at me and said " if your so tired mama, why don't you just go to bed?"
Seriously. Did I just get told by my three year old? I would love to just go to bed, but the day of a mama is never ending. I couldn't help but bust out laughing! I mean, I was about to loose my bananas over a little spilled food at dinner. So, i did what anyone would do. I told them to shove their faces in their bowls and have at it. There are worse things in life than a messy dinner table.

Oink oink little babes
Oink oink

I love you to your dinner covered bones

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  1. HAHA The other day someone told me it's so easy as a mom to get caught up in behavioral correction that we forget to make a relationship connection with our kids. Oh boy did that ring true for me. Your kids will always love and remember the night you let them eat like piggies and make a mess at the dinner table. Be proud of that moment :-)

  2. I am SO with you on the horns...and I love it when they put it into perspective...Zach will say, "Oh, come on. Just give me a hug...give me a hug!"...I hear ya sister!


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