Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About a Girl

 I know a girl that sticks her tongue out and makes way too Sassy of a face for only being one and a half.

Who wrestles like a boy 

 Dumps sand on her head 

 And cries on cue

I know a girl that dive bombs off the couch with her brother. Who licks the bottom of her shoe, and would eat the snails out of the garden if I let her. Somedays this girl comes in from a days play and is more dirty than her brother. She can eat just about anyone under the table, and has the sassiest mouth I know, even ME. Her favorite thing to do is open the refrigerator and look for something to eat.  Six days out of the week she is a 'boys' girl.... 

And then on the seventh day

 She lets me play with her hair and asks to have her toes painted "pretty".
 She flirts with the camera and says "Mama I'm so boootiful". 
She blows me kisses instead of sticking out her tongue. 

I love this girl. 
I love her with dirty finger nails or pretty pink ones. 
I love how tough and independent she is. 
I love how when she hugs you, she puts both arms around your neck and pats your back. 
I love when she says " I Love You" 
I love her sweaty smelly feet and the stains on the knees of her pants  
I love everything about this babe
and everyday I am thankful I am her mama. 
She is beautiful 
She is magical  
and she is mine 

I love you to your bones baby girl 


  1. She is so stinkin cute!! I can't get enough of her hair. I wish Mila would start growing some already.


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