Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Days I HEART YOU!

It was smokin' hot today. Like almost 80 out. I loved it, and so did the babes. I like it because tan chub is cuter than white chub, and the kids loved it because it meant they got to splash the crap out of each other. We decided to play in water. BIG HIT! Sissy girl loved it. Tomorrow is Daddy's day off, thank God, so I think we are going to head down to the beach. I'm excited. I really need to decompress... and the beach just sounds so good. I know my posts have been kind of boring lately, but we haven't done much. We just hang out in our back yard and play. Sorry if its dull. I happen to really like it, but I can see how it could look kind of dull to someone who isn't as OBSESSED with my children as I am. 
What can I say, we are simple folk.
With simple lives.
No big fancy vacations or weekend getaways. 
Just a big plastic water table
So, if this is boring to you, don't check back tomorrow because I plan on taking a zillion pictures of my kids playing in the sand. And they will all probably look the same, but I will love them all, and post the, all. ha ha

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