Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Son, 
 I was sitting down to write an update about your Sissy girl, when I realized that I haven't written about you in awhile. This kind of made me laugh, considering you usually do five things everyday that make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. So, now I am writing to YOU. I feel like this past month, both you and your sister have grown up so much. I know that I may say that a lot, because I feel like every second you get bigger and bigger, and less and less my babies, but this month I think its true. You look less like a toddker, and more and more like a little boy. Your pudgy face isn't so pudgy anymore. You put your cloths on by yourself, and take them off fast as lightning when its time for bath. You are starting to ask if you can use the toilet, which makes this mama very happy. But most of all, the things you say make me laugh so hard. It cracks me up how your little brain works. Like the other day, you were trying to put your shoe on and you couldn't get your heel in. You kept saying "Mama I can't do it. I just can't do it." I told you that there isn't such thing as can't. That we can always do "it" even if it means we have to ask for help. I told you that we don't say can't in this house, You looked up at me and said "Well, then can I say it outside?". Ha ha..... I couldn't help but laugh. Or the other day when you REFUSED to go potty in the toilet, so I told you that you had to sit in your dirty diaper until I was ready and that it was going to be a bummer because you wouldn't be able to sit on your peaches to go down the slide. I thought it would make NOT want to go in your pants, but no, you looked at me and said it was ok cause you would just sit on your knees. Sigh..... somedays I think you are too smart.
 I love how you say I'm your best friend, and how you tell your sister you'll always take care of her, and that you call her Your Girl. I love how you sing the last word of every song you know. Loud, very very loud. I love that at night, after sissy has gone to bed, you grab your blanket and cuddle with me on the couch, just like old times. I love that when your Daddy leaves for work in the morning you stand at the window and tell him you love him and to drive safe. I love when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Sofia, and half way through you switch to ABC's because its the same melody. I love that while we were laying in bed the other, you spotted your first freckle on your hand, and said to me, "Now I'm just like you and Daddy". I love love love love love you. 

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