Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life's A Beach

At least today it was. We packed up the troops and beat the heat down at the beach. It was SO fun! We go down to Little Corona, because the waves a little and the beach is short( I don't like to walk a long way to the water), and its never crowded. Gavin was in heaven. He dug holes with his Daddy, we played catch, ate Red Vines, Sissy ate an insane amount of sand,  and we flirted with the waves. Sofia sat on the blanket for the first hour, not too sure about the sand. But by the end of the day she was shoveling it in her mouth. Yuck. The water was FREEZING We're talking like vain numbing, but we still played it in. We were all down in the water. holding hands and lifting Gavin up over the big ones, when he looked up at me and said " Mama, this is the best day ever!" My heart skipped a beat a little. He was right, it was the most perfect day. We enjoyed just being together, just us. No phones, or TV's. No pile of dirty dishes, or mounds of laundry. We just played all day. I wish we could live at the beach. The sunshine just makes me so happy. And toasty........we all got a little toasty.

Get ready..... here come a TON of pictures

Oh yeah...a s we were walking to put our stuff down, I stepped on a stick and did this to my toe. Lovely 

The End 


  1. Getting your tan on! Such cute babes

  2. That toe looks painful...but at least your nails look fabulous!!!


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