Monday, March 8, 2010

L+S = Great NIght!

   We headed out to Palm Springs for a night this past weekend, to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Livi and Steve. It was at the Ace Hotel, this super cute vintage hotel.... it was very THEM! We loved it. IT was our first time away from the kids EVER except for the time I spent in the hospital while having Sofia. We needed a night away. And it was SUCH a fun night! Livi was the most BEAUTIFUL bride ever. she looked so calm and comfortable. So ready to be Steve's wife. Everything about the ceremony was special. I loved the way they looked at each other, I loved the way the held hands. I loved the vows that they wrote for each other. i loved the little hummingbird that hummed in the tree above them, I think she was good luck. I love that they are married. They are perfect. Thank you guys for having us be a part of such a magical day!

Our room...... so cool

the happy couple. This is the ONLY picture I have of them and Steve took it, so its out of focus. LAME. But she still looks beautiful! And so do you Steve :) 
And then..... the party started. ha ha. Kelly and I were Mama partners in crime. She has two year old TRIPLETS, so needless to say we needed to let loose. And we did!
Make up still on and Steve's not purple.... must be the beginning of the night
THank you Livi and Steve for the bottomless Mojito Bar...... It made for some pretty good pictures

the Kid and Play... thats right it was that kind of night

Silly Girls 

The Red Hot cake that almost wasn't. When Livi's parents were married, the person in charge of their wedding cake forgot to make one, so they ended up with a three tired sheet pan wedding cake topped with RED HOTS! A couple of months ago, Livi and I were talking about the wedding, and I had mentioe dhow fun it would be to have a red hot cake in honor of her parents. She loved the idea, so that was my job, to bring the red hot cake to their wedding Well..... i did, but I wasn't thinking and I put the red hots on the cake before we left. BAD IDEA!!!!! They bled ALL OVER the cake .At the end of our two hour drive, the cake was a DISASTER! I was freaking out! I was sure I was going to ruin the wedding. I was in a panic, Livi wanted to see it, and there was NO way I was going to let her. I found on of the wedding planners, explained my dilemma, fighting back the tears that were starting to well in my eyes. He took one look at this mess, grabbed my hand, and led me to the kitchen where the pastry chef SWORE he would re frost the cake and everything would be ok. I handed him the extra box of red hots I had shoved in my purse, told him I loved him, and ran back to my room to get ready. When it was time for the cake to come out, I held my breath. But it had worked. They fixed it, the bride was happy, and the knot in my stomach disappeared. Oh Red Hot cake........ thanks for the memories :) 

End of the night... WAY too many Mojito's later, but sooooooo much fun. I haven't laughed as much as we did that night in a LONG time. It was so fun! I have a million pictures, but this will have to do. 


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  1. jen!! i totally cried reading this. i love you so much and am so thankful you and steve were a part of our wedding. the cake was perfect and DELICIOUS! we ate it that night and the rest of yesterday. thank you thank you thank you!


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