Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It ain't a 9-5 job

Get up, throw in a load of laundry, feed the babes, kiss the hubby, change a diaper or two, clean up breakfast dishes, switch the laundry, trip over a dozen cars on the way to the bathroom, take a sip of my now cold coffee, vacuum, sweep the kitchen floor, dress the babes, break up a fight, kiss the hubby good bye, listen to Gavin yell out the front door "Drive safe Dad, love you, see ya later crocodile". Throw some cloths on, pile the clean clothes on top of my bed, add another load, slap some make up on, pack a diaper bag, break up a fight, try and get the living room mess picked up with a baby attatched to my leg smearing boogers all over my clean jeans. Switch the laundry, pile the kids in the car, run back in the house nine times because someone forgot a blanket, a car, a sippy cup, my brain. Drive to Target/grocery store..... I swear I live there. Pile out of the car, strap sister in the front pack, walk the isles like a crazy person, because I left my list at home. Check out, usually a million dollars, a new car, and a bag of Target popcorn later. Pile the kids back in the car. Get home, unload, make lunch for the babes, again, with a Sissy girl climbing up my leg. Clean up lunch, outside to play. Another load of laundry. 1:30.... NAP TIME! I don't care if you're not tired, lay down and be quiet at least for an hour. Mop the kitchen floor, because sister always seems to find something gross to stick in her mouth. Maybe eat a snack... food is for the weak. This mama is running on  caffeine and craziness. Pick up the biziliion toys that litter the backyard, fold laundry. Oh man....... nap time is over. Change diapers, wipe noses, snack time, and outside again to get our afternoon willy's out. 4:30 WITCHING HOUR...... my babes turn into little gremlins. Whiny whiny whiny gremlins. Try to get dinner started holding the baby. 5:00..... dinner for the kids, 5:30 bath time, 6:00 Daddy gets home ( at least three nights a week he does) Daddy plays with the babes, while I clean up dinner. 6:30 babies in bed. Phew.

These are my days. Some days I feel like its Ground Hogs day. The same thing over and over and over again. Clean, play, clean some more, grocery shopping, clean some more. Somedays I go to bed wearing the same sweat pants I had on all day because I'm too tired to change. And if I can squeeze in a two minute shower its call for celebration. Some days I want to pull my hair out, but most days I consider myself a pretty lucky girl. I would rather wipe baby butts and look like a frumpy house wife any day, because the truth is, I love my life. Its simple and humble, but it is filled with more love than I ever knew was possible. Just when I think I've had enough for the day, and I want to loose my mind, I get a slobbery opened mouth kiss form a babe, or someone tells me they love me to the moon and back. Those little things are priceless to me. So yes, I am only 27, and most 27 year olds are woopin' it up on Friday nights, while I am home having family movie night in the big bed watching Incredibles for the 500th time...... but that's ok with me. Because its in that bed with my family that my heart is home. I struggle everyday to be the best mama I can be for my kids, and still be a good friend, a good wife, and have something left over to just be me at the end of the day.  Its a crazy chaotic life we live, but I love it. I am blessed to have two amazing kids that I get to watch grow everyday, and to walk beside the best man I know. There isn't enough money in the world to replace that.

So today, life may have kicked my butt a little bit, but its cool with me. I'll get up and try harder tomorrow, because of all the million reasons I just explained. I love love love my life....... spit up and all

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