Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Brown Speck

Since Gavin was super super little, he liked to trace all the freckles on our arms. He would ask us why he didn't have any, always bummed out by our answer. He really wanted to have a freckle, so he could be "like us", that's what he would say. The other day, we were laying in bed watching toons, and I thought his hand was dirty. NOPE, its a freckle. A perfect brown little dot. And the fun thing is I have one on the same hand just up a little higher. Now we are all the same. And he loves it, he looks at it all the time. Its so funny how the little things make us so happy. So welcome to the family little freckle, we are glad to have you.


  1. I think that what I love most about your blog is how you enjoy the simple things. This post is so cute!

  2. Why thank you lady. I was just talking to the hubby the other night about how people must think I'm so boring because all I know how to talk about is being a mama and stories about my kids.... but I think I'm ok with that. I would rather be SO in the moment than miss it completely.


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