Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Round Up

This past Sunday Daddy had the day off so we spent allllllll day in our pj's. We drank our coffee and milk, and read the paper outside in our tent. Soaking up the sunshine, and each other 

Daddy flew Gavin soooooo high. Every time he threw him up, my stomach was in knots, but Gavin yelled "HIGHER HIGHER!" 

Sissy Girl picked flowers, as usual, and showed off her new trick. She is officially walking now. She walked pretty much all weekend

My Sweet Little Slugger perfected his swing 

And we attempted to take a family photo..... this is what we ended up with 

We did nothing, but play and eat and play some more. We did shower up and make a Target run, but came right back home, put our comfy clothes back on, and lounged around. It was wonderful. I love family days. I remember those moments 100 times more than any big event or outing. 

Sunday evening our good friends came over for dinner. We laughed so hard, and ate yummy food. These two are going to make AMAZING parents some day. They love our babes so much, and our babes love them back times a million. 

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