Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Fun Night

Last Thursday night we tucked the babes in bed, put on our big kid clothes, and headed out for a DATE NIGHT! This time it was a DOUBLE DATE night! We met up with Chelsea and Bobby, and of coarse, had a BLAST! I have decided that Downtown Fullerton is fantastic, and we will be going there much much more. There are so many little places to eat, live music, and fun little bars to grab a drink in. And the company couldn't have been any better. Chelsea and Bobby are the easiest, most fun, HILARIOUS people we know. I am so glad that after ALL these years, we are buds again! We just love them. So, here's to another date night..... hope its SOON! 

P.S. Apparently all I know how to do is take one handed photos of myself and whoever is standing next to me! Someone PLEASE take the camera next time so my chubby face isn't smashed up against the lens 

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