Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh Mothers Day

This Mothers Day will go down in the books as one to remember. The hubby let me sleep, divine, and when I woke, there were cinnamon rolls, coffee, and FOUR bouquets of flowers waiting for me. Lucky me! The babes were extra rambunctious, so I knew we were in for a wild day, and it was only 8:30. All I wanted to do was loaf around in my pj's and do nothing, but the hubby had something up his sleeve. In my Mothers Day card, in which Gavin scribbled I LOVE YOU and Sofia kissed with blueberry stained lips, was a clue that there was a nice little treat waiting at Anthropologie. So we decided to get dressed and venture out. Oh wait.... its wasn't that easy. Gavin had an episode, in which resulted in him spitting at me, a swipe of hot sauce down his tongue, barf, a cold shower, and me crying the bathroom. Sounds fun right??? Oh Motherhood. This little boy of mine has picked up this sick dirty habit of sticking his tongue out and spitting. I don't like it AT ALL!  think its an awful dirty, very disrespectful thing to do, and after TOO MANY warnings, I told him if he did it again, I would put hot sauce on his tongue. Well, of coarse he did it again, and I put the SMALLEST dab of hot sauce on my pinky finger, swiped it down his tongue, and he FREAKED! Puked actually, from trying to scrape it off of his tongue. Not our best moment, but he stopped spitting.

Anyways, so after we composed ourselves and promised to be nice, we headed to the Spectrum. I couldn't get to Anthropologie fast enough. I told the girl  at the counter my name, and she came back with a box containing the necklace I have been drooling over for weeks. And with the necklace, a note that led me to Old Navy, where a dress and a gift card were waiting for me. SO FUN right! After some shopping, we lunched, ran into our good friends the Moysa Fam and Gavin and Greyson spazzed out together. Eventually, the babes fell asleep, so the hubby and I shared a piece of Cheesecake on a bench in peace :) When we got back to the car, Steve told me to look under my seat. There was another card with a gift certificate for a pedi :) He did a good job didn't he??!!!! It felt so nice to be so pampered. We headed home and threw on cozy clothes and played the rest of the day. And not one picture was taken, Can you believe it???

I think its funny that it was such a hectic day. It just goes to show that Motherhood isn't always smooth sailing. Sometimes its hard and makes you burst into tears, but its still the best thing in the world. Thank you Gavin and Sofia for being the the best gifts a mama could ever ask for. And thanks to my hubbs for all the extra little treats ;) I love you guys to the moon and back!

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