Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Say Yes To The Dress

Yesterday was a big day. I went wedding dress shopping with one of the best friends I'll ever have. Whitney wanted all her girls there to help her make her decision on which dress to wear for her BIG DAY! Her Mama, her Nana, and her Maids Of Honor. We sipped our champagne and laughed, and talked about the wedding day, played with veils and fake flowers, and then Whitney stepped out of the fitting room, and we were all silent. She was beautiful. No not beautiful, STUNNING. There she was, my sister, standing before us in a dress that seemed to be made especially for her, and we were speechless.
 It was the perfect moment
the perfect dress,
the perfect day.
Ted is one LUCKY BOY to have snagged this lady, and he is going to be FLOORED when he sees her walk down the aisle. ANd I will be crying like a baby, just like I did yesterday

I love you Whit. You are my family, and I am so grateful to have shared such an enormous day with you. I can't wait till the wedding!
Brit playing the BRIDE. She cracks me up! 

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