Monday, December 5, 2011

Whatcha Been Up To?

December is crazy busy so far. I have been neglecting this little
blog and I have A TON of pictures that need to be uploaded from my big camera. Not to mention an entire post about the Sullivan Wedding and a super fun Wedding Dress Shopping day. As soon as I have five seconds to actually sit at my computer I'm on it. For now, here are pics from the last two weeks from my phone.

****Side note*** tomorrow we're taking the babes to get our first real Christmas tree! I'm pretty excited about this!

My mama's 50th Birthday!

Gavin's amazing teacher had a birthday right before Thanksgiving so we made her a little something to let her know we love her.

The Hubs and I had a late night date night Christmas shopping

Gavin's soccer season ended and we partied it up at Chuck E Cheese and I've decided that place is the most disgusting germ infested place ever. Blah!

I scored this amazing entertainment console from Ikea marked down to $39 from $199! Just need to re paint it.

Had some pretty sweet Goodwill finds!

Played with our new glow in the dark light sabers

My mama passed the first level of tests to become a salmonier. Woop woop

Had a much needed Moms night out

A little his and hers hot chocolate action

There you have it. There was also a splinter in the foot incident that has left Gavin crippled as far as he is concerned. Agghh. This was such an over dramatic nightmare, and you better believe he went to school limping. Give that boy an Academy Award!

So here's to a crazy schedule for the rest of the month!

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