Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moms Survival Tip #127

When my kids are about to be banished to live outside forever because they are driving so crazy I could cry I make them take a bath. Its a guaranteed twenty minutes of calm, quiet, stress free time of my day. Invest in some cheap $4.00 tub crayons and you've just added another ten minutes. BLISS 

They have been in the bath twice already today. Little monsters

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  1. I'm so out of the blog world lately. darn pinterest! Ughh. But I always love reading all your keepin it real motherhood posts.

    I do the same thing with the baths. My kids were in there for an HOUR on Monday while I watched the bachelor. We have the tub markers, cause I find the crayons have to be scrubbed off. And the color tablets and lots and lots of bubbles. The bathroom usually ends up looking like the ocean, but it's totally worth it to throw in an extra load of towels to have some quiet time.


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