Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sincerely, Your Exhausted Mother

Dear Babes, 
I am two seconds away from taking you to the Dr to have your ears checked because you are the WORST listeners right now. You don't walk, you run, you scream instead of talk. You think its funny to hide my stuff and watch me freak out trying to find it. You can't leave each other alone for five seconds. If I hear "MOOOOMMMMM, Gavin/Sofia hit me" one more time it might just be the end of me. Sofias latest favorite phrase is "Thats Not FAIR". Tough cookies kid, you better get used to it. I say the same four things all flippin day...... Use kind words, don't touch each other, LISTEN, and unless someone is bleeding or unconscious STOP TATTLE TAILING! 
Sofia is the sneakiest sassiest girl I know, and Gavin is mostly guilty by association. That may not be fair, but whatever, they pretty much even out in naughtiness by the end of the day. I would like one family outing where I don't have to threaten someone to get in the stroller, pull someone out of a clothes rack, leave someone crying on the floor in the cereal aisle because I won't open up a box of Lucky Charms. Just once I want to go out and not look like the crazy family with the Dragon Mom with monkeys for children. Sometimes I want to stop and throw a fit myself..... what do you think my kids would do if I freaked out crying  because I couldn't put my seat belt on the right way. 

His teacher says he is one of the best behaved in the class. She loves Gavin. Is it weird that when she told me he was such a good listener I wanted to punch her? I mean I LOVE his teacher so much but I am jealous some days that she gets all the good behavior and I am left with a tired whining boy that likes to fake burp his words and shoot his sister with Nerf darts. 

Bigger Sigh 

Oh parenthood, sometimes you are a big fat B word. Some days I just want to hang my hat and run away to a place with no Dora the Explorer or Chicken Nuggets or those stupid little Lego pieces that I step on every freggin day. 

But then I wouldn't have the sweet kisses and the " I love you mamas" or the babes that sneak in my bed in the mornings and wrap their arms around my neck and say "Good morning best friend". I would miss story time and our dance parties. I would miss being your mama. 

I love you to your bones babes, but lets try playing on the same team K.

****** SIDE NOTE***** 
In the middle of writing this post The Girl walked up and turned off my computer. Yup, she's a little butt head

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