Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Table Redo and a Minor Complaint

                        BEFORE                           AFTER 

                                                           not so good for the manicure . woops

And now I want to do this to our kitchen. I really really love the idea of black and white checkered floors!
 I think a trip to Lowes is in my future 

we're stuck at home today because our stupid air conditioner in our car is getting repaired. Stupid car, stupid mechanics that are charging a crap load to fix it. 
can you tell how excited I am about  this

so I guess I look for things around the house to re paint or re arrange. Maybe take a walk and make a batch of cookies. Anything to distract me from the amount of money I will have to shell out at the end of the day to get my car back. 
Think they'll let me pay them in cupcakes? 
I do make a pretty mean chocolate peanut butter one. 

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