Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Pad

I've had a headache since last Wednesday. No joke. It's been pretty brutal and I'm pretty tired. And the husband went back to work today after eight days off. HUGE BIG FAT bummer:(
I still have pictures to blog from our trip, but I've been lazy.

Today was super sunny and gorgeous so we planted seeds, strawberries, and started putting things into the kids new/old
Playhouse. When I was like eight, my papa built me this clubhouse. I loved it. I spent every afternoon in there. My papa decided to relay the floor, fix a couple old spots, I slapped on some left over paint and presto! The babes have a new hideaway! They spent all day in there. I loved watching them play where I once did. It needs some homey touches, all I'm due time.

Here's hoping I wake up tomorrow without a head ache. Maybe then I can blog our trip. Right now I'm gonna hop in bed with a bowl of ice cream.

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