Friday, March 11, 2011

No Place Like Home

We made it home late last night. PHEW! Driving with kids is a doozy, seriously. Eight hours of Disney movies, car food, potty breaks at gross truck stops,  and miles and miles that smell like cows butt make for a very LONG drive! 
 I have a million photos to upload and heaps and heaps of laundry to do.
 I thought packing sucked, but I was wrong.
 Unpacking dirty clothes sucks more. I should be doing a zillion things but instead we stayed in our pjs all day and played in the back yard. And while I should make a dent in the laundry, I'm going on  a date with my hubby instead. 

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Harley for a wonderful visit. I"m sure its nice to have a quiet house again :) We are happy to be back in our own beds and out of the car. I think it will be a while before my kids get back in again:) 

Happy Friday Everyone. 

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