Sunday, August 28, 2011

Invasion of the Princess

Its happened
The thing I most feared second to her having a boyfriend someday. 
The Sissy has got herself some Princess clothes
When I was pregnant I VOWED never to give into the Disney "princess crap" I think I called it. 
Welp...... So much for that! 
Sissy was gifted HUGE rubbermaid FULL of princess clothes, shoes, rings, necklaces. A little girls dream really. She has been obsessed with putting every dress on and looking in the mirror. 
Its pretty cute to watch 

So you won Disney. You and your ruffles and glitter and light up Cinderella shoes have made our way into my house...... 
and I kind of like. 
but if you tell anyone I said that I'll throw you in the trash so fast you wont know what hit you! 

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