Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

It's no secret that I love going to the Goodwill more than I like going to Nordstroms. I love searching every aisle for hidden treasures, something to redo, or my next victim to a can of spray paint. Somedays are better than others, but this month I have been

Here's what I scored 

I love this little flower bowl. Reminds me of something from Anthropologie. Super feminine. THis little gem might be making an appearance at an upcoming party I'm throwing :) 
 The bowl on the right is a dream. I am obsessed with Milk Glass and this is kind of similar looking.
 Cute little vase, perfect for a couple bright stems. And this picture frame is to die. I love the texture of it.

And who doesn't love something bright and cheery for the kitchen? Right now this looker is full of bananas on my counter. 

 And this pillow case and matching flat sheet I scored for $3.00 . I love geometric patterns. It only came with one pillow case so I think I'm going to use the flat sheet fabric to make one for Gavins bed too

I scored this little love;y at a garage sale for $2.00. It was painted a dingy light pink with a million chips and drip marks. SO, I put some elbow grease into in and sanded it down, sprayed it with a couple coats of yellow spray paint, and BAM. A charming shelf for the babes room. I'm thinking the back needs to be lined with some cute paper or something. And don't mind the random trinkets, the kids rearrange it daily :) 

And finally, my favorite find so far. I mean could you just die! I scored it at a Goodwill up North while we were visiting for $19.00!!! It is in perfect condition and I didn't even need to change the paint color. i am so obsessed with this I can't even explain. The only negative thing is that this beast is HEAVY. I mean like one too many trips to the buffet for this mirror. But I don't care how big the holes, or how many screws, she will be hung in my living room. 

So a couple trips and about $40.00 later, I have some pretty cool new things for my house. I love that my house doesn't look like I bought everything out of a catalog. I love how the mix of new old give it so much more character.
 Call me an old lady I don't care, I love me some thrift stores and garage sales! 

I have one last AMAZING find that my mom found on the side of the road for FREE but its not ready for its reveal yet so stay tuned cause its a goody:) 

GEt out there and treasure hunt friends! Just don't go to the ones by me K, cause I'll fight you for it :) 

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