Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year and a New Mr. & Mrs.

Most years we spend New Years Eve in our cozy clothes in our living room, eating every appetizer Trader Joe's makes, with our friends. Not this year ladies and gentleman. This year, my cousin got married at Ponte Winery on New Years Eve ! Our AMAZING friends the Cotton's hosted our kids' first sleep over, and this Mama and Daddy got a hotel room out in Temecula and had THE BEST night EVER! It was so fun to be with my family and party it up with my cousins! Steve and I had so much fun together, it really was the best time. We danced and laughed and sealed it all with a kiss and midnight. 
Ok, maybe a couple of kisses ;) 
Heather was a GORGEOUS bride, and they looked so happy to start their new life together. Thanks for having us Mr. and Mrs. Burton! It was a BLAST!
My camera was being a jerk that night so I only got a few pics, and this one os my favorite. This is the look Chuck had on his face as the doors opened to reveal  his bride. I don't think he could look any happier.
Me, my Mama, and my GORGEOUS Sister and PROOF that I can wear more than holy jeans and sweat pants.
 And Sadly, because my camera decided to crap out on me , this is the only picture we got together. We are lookin' a little spiffy, even though are out of focus. Wait maybe it was all that champagne that made us out of focus. Hey, we had a babysitter, and it was NYE, we took full advantage :)

Congratulations Chuck and Heather!!!! 

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