Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Child Of Mine

As we speak these two are playing in their beds while they should be napping. Sofia hit me in the face with my phone, and now I have Lisa Rhina lips. Not a good look I tell you. Gavin screamed the whole way home from the park because he found the smallest most teeny tiny scratch on his ankle that I'm sure is a week old. Our Christmas tree has almost come down a dozen times because of these two crazies. Sofia hasn't slept thru the night in almost two weeks. This I can't handle, not even a little bit. I end up with ten toes in my back and a Sister sprawled across almost the entire bed. I folded an entire load of laundry this morning, only to have it dog piled to the ground. These two are running me ragged..... 
But look at them. 
They are the most perfect things I've ever seen. My house is some serious chaos right now, but when I look at them and there huge brown eyes and ridiculously cute little smiles, I can't help but admit I have some pretty amazing babes. 
They are naughty and have a ridiculous amount of energy, but they are amazing.
I just may need to be committed by the time I'm thirty :) 

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