Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

This past weekend/ beginning of the week has been jammed packed ! Saturday, or was it Sunday.... all my days run together so who really knows. Anyways, Sara and I packed the kids and headed to the park. It was weirdly hot out, but the kids didn't care. We ended up staying for 4 hours. I know right, CRAZY long time to stay at a park, but they babes were happy and not destroying my house, so we stayed. They tumbled down hills, even Sofia. She went head over foot down the hill and came up laughing every time. What a girly girl I have :) Once the sun started to move to the other side of the sky, we packed up and called it a day. My babes were filthy filthy dirty and exhausted, but they were happy. As soon as we got home we got a call to join the Holland family for the boat parade. HECK YES! It was a gorgeous night, we only needed a light jacket and we sat on the edge of the dock and watched the boats go by. Gavin got to steer  Jacks boat, SO COOL, and Roxanne made us a yummy dinner. The Holland family is one of our favorites. They love our kids up so much, we are so grateful for them.
Phew, that was a big day.
P.S. Now that I think about it, it was Sunday.

 My children LOVE Uncle Jack! Sofia would only hold his hand, unless she was holding Uncle  Bobby's hand, her other FAVORITE! 

Monday night we went to breakfast at the beach, once again ridiculous weather in Orange County. The babes played in the sand, Sofia might have 
eaten a handful or two. That night we headed to the Snoopy House with the Cotton Family, and looked at some neighborhood Christmas lights. Probably one of my favorite things to dod this time of year. 

Tuesday we met Grey and Emme at the park for another great afternoon, I swear those boys are a match made in heaven. The boys played, the mamas chatted, and I got my  baby fix in.  A random mom commented on how I looked comfortable with a baby and asked if I wanted more.  Really, is my baby craving that obvious? I miss having a squishy baby to snuggle. 

Today we are home in our cozy clothes. Yeah, its that kind of day. The babes are napping, in the same bed. Thats right. We found a bunk bed on craigslist but we don't have the top mattress yet, and Sofia refuses to go in her crib, so they have been sleeping together for about a week. Most days it works. Some days they cry because someone's feet are touching the others. Last night I went to check on them and Gavin was snuggled her arm under on her chest. I should have taken a picture so that when they are fighting I can show them and prove that they really do love each other. 

I feel pretty on my game this week. Its a nice change from the chaos I was feeling the past couple of weeks. Steve and I have really been trying to choose our attitude and make the best if our days, even when they include babes that don't listen or nap or play nice :)
 We are a work in progress. 

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