Tuesday, December 7, 2010

About a Papa

Dear Babes,

  You are two lucky ducks. Not only do you have a mama and daddy that adore you, but you also have a Papa that thinks you both walk on water. Not every little boy and girl get to live with their great grandparents. so you two are very very special. Every morning when you wake, he is there waiting in the kitchen with something yummy for your bellies. At 9:30 every morning he comes home from church to take Sissy for a walk around the neighborhood. He calls you his sugar, or his precious, or his baby love. He calls brother his little guy or toughie. If Sister wants something, anything, she knows Papa is the one to get it for her. You cry on demand when he is around so that he scoops you up in his big arms and gives you what you want. Its pretty safe to say that you have him wrapped around ALL of your fingers. 

Brother, your Papa has taught you all the stuff BOYS should know. You know which screw driver to use and how to take things apart and put them back together. He takes you for a walk, only to give you all the candy treats Mama usually doesn't allow. At night, he lets you watch movies in his bed. He is so proud of what a brave tough boy you are. 
When Daddy is at work, he lets you two play in his car and listen to music and hunt for cookies. After he kisses you guys you always smell of his cologne. You guys are his buddies. He gets sad if he gets home after you've gone to bed, and asks if he can sneak in and kiss you goodnight. 

My grandfather is a tough, stubborn, man, but when he is with you babes, he is soft and tender and you can see how much he loves you just by looking at him. When I was little he did all of these things with me, and I am so grateful that you two have him in your lives to spoil you just the same. 
After your great grandmother passed away, he says you guys saved his life. 
You have given him hope. 
You have made him smile again. 
I hope you always know the love that he has for you/ 
Always Always Always


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  1. Awww Man, you've got me sobbing over here. Your kids are so blessed to have so much time with him and you can see his love for them in each picture. What a special gift for all of you.


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