Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Christmas lights are up. 
Tree is up. 
Annoying singing Christmas toys are out, 
and these babes are bustin' a move 

And to celebrate the beginning of December, we went where anyone would go .... 

I know, those of you freezing on the East Coast want to smack me in the face. I get it, but sorry Charlie. The sunshine and amazing weather is kind of a trade off for dealing with rude people and over priced living. 
We went to Laguna for a play date at the library. We sang songs, read stories, even made a dreidel in honor of the Chanukah. We hit up BJ's for a yummy lunch and an after lunch play sesh at the playground sown in the sand. The afternoon ended with a stop at the ice cream shop and a drive up the coast. 
It was such a great day. 
With many of of our days lately filled with tantrums and time outs, I was SO grateful for such a perfect afternoon. I've learned to take it one day at time and today
was a good one.

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  1. Jealous! I miss my hometown... every time someone posts about Newport or Laguna I could just cry! Especially when I'm stuck in Nashville in the 30* weather. boo. Soak up some of that sunshine for me!!!!


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