Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy Hotness

Its November right? Not the middle of August? I'm sorry, I'm just a tad bit confused because its 100 flippin degrees outside and instead if cozying up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate, we are sweating our butts off and standing in front of the air conditioner. ITs seriously maddening how hot it is right now. I can't even light my apple cinnamon candles because it makes my house too hot. 
I'm done with this. I know someone back East somewhere wants to punch me for complaining about the weather, and really, honestly, I would rather be cold and covered up than gross hot and sweaty. So, I guess go ahead and punch away, cause I'm going to be a big fat whiner till it cools down! 

We couldn't play outside this afternoon, for fear of heat stroke, or melting away, or something else very dramatic. So, this video explains how we kept ourselves busy. I think its pretty telling on how delirious we are. Ha HA 
Hope you all have a big freezer to stand in front of to keep you cool this week. 

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