Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 Have you done it? Have you stood in line in the freezing cold in the middle of the night with a bunch of other crazy bargain shoppers? Have you pushed old ladies, young children, grown men, to get your hands on the latest toy of the season? Have you ever yelled " THATS MINE' like a three year old, while swiping a T.V. off a shelf before someone else could? Have you ever had that crazy look in your eyes that only Black Friday shoppers get?
I have never been this person, but I think this year, I just might get on the train to crazy town and be one of those psychos foaming at the mouth when the Target door opens. I have two girlfriends that wait and plan for this day all year. If Black Friday shopping was a profession, they would be CEO's. They plan and map out entire stores. 

"Wear comfortable shoes" 
"Dont bother with a cart, people steal out of it
" Go in, get what you need, and get out" 
" Be aggressive!"

Its like we're going to war

 Their dedication and over all outcome of this shopping day amazes me, and this year I have decided to see what its all about. 
Please pray that I make it out alive and without patches of hair missing from my head, or a black eye. I've started stretching now, and have been informed that if I fall behind I will be left behind  LOL. 

I will be spending the rest of today memorizing the Target and Wal Mart ads in preparation for my mission. 
Are any of you going to be one of the over caffeinated freezing people standing in line? What are buying? 


  1. Heck NOOOO! We usually go out, but later in the day. There are usually some good buys left. We do ALL of our Christmas shopping in January and July when all the toys go 75% off at Target. At least while our little ones are still little and we can get away with it.

    Good luck...I hope you find some amazing deals!

  2. LOL - you are too funny! I did the Best Buy gig 3 years ago to buy my hubby (boyfriend at the time) a video camera. I am not going to lie - I fought with an old asian man over the last one, lol, I am not going to say it was my proudest moment. I haven't done it since...BUT tomorrow I am going to attempt the GAP, Ann Taylor Loft, and H&M for myself :)


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