Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Sissy Girl

Oh Baby Girl, 
Today you picked up an old piece of cereal that you found in the back yard, out it in your mouth and said "Mmmm Mmm". On Saturday, instead of running in the sprinklers  with the other kids, you laid on your belly and sipped water from a mud puddle. You lick rocks,eat dirt, and growl at babies. You wave hello to everyone you see and make friends every where you go.  Your missing a front tooth and it makes your smile that much more adorable. This week, you have mastered the art of throwing yourself on the floor and crying like someone pinched you. Its pretty fun that one. I know its payback for the millions of prissy hissy fits I threw when I was little. Your brother and I can't help but laugh as  you roll on the floor screaming because you can't have a drink of my coffee. You want everything your brother has, exactly like he has it. We have entered the stage where I have to buy two of everything, or no one is happy. You steal his water cups and run away. If he has a fork, you want one. No, actually, you want his. You think hitting is funny, and that a kiss makes it ok to do so. You like to have your toes painted. And just recently, you want me to hold you ALL the time. No one else, just me. As heavy as you are, I secretly like this :) You think your brother is the coolest thing in the world, and everything he does, you do. 
 Oh, Sissy, you are a naughty little babe, but you have us all wrapped around your little finger. 
I wouldn't have you any other way baby girl. 
I love you to your bones. 

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