Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Mother

Days at our house have been pretty much chaos the past week. Its been wet and cold out so we've been stuck inside a lot. If you've ever met my kids, you know this is not what they like to do. They are the outside type. On top of being cooped up, we are all going thru a growth spurt . The Girl thinks she's bigger than she is, which leads to lots of falling down and frustrated tantrums because she can't do what her brother can. The Boy has been in a funk for a while. but our inside play has heightened the situation. He is testing his boundaries in EVERY way he can, and when he doesn't get his way, look out. If I have to repeat myself one more time, I might loose it. I swear I feel like I've done lately say " Don't touch your Sister" or " Guys Please keep your hands to YOURSELF', Its like a freakin' circus in our house.

 I think this is the hardest age for me right now. She's becoming more independent but can't quite keep up with the big kids, and he's growing out of the baby phase and into the awkward boy pain in the butt phase. I'm trying to find a way to get us back on track without running for the hills. My days have been long and exhausting. I'm pretty burnt out. Lets' face it, what Mama isn't. Anyone who says their not is a big fat liar. Enter my growth spurt. I've been struggling lately to balance it all. I finally came to the conclusion that a mamas job is tough, and it sucks somedays, and instead of beating myself up about the bad days, I need to cut myself some slack. There is this weird thing that Moms do. We give off the impression like we've got it all together so we don't look bad to others. 

Well you know what 

If there is one thing I've learned its that this motherhood thing is HARD work, and all we can do is be honest and open about out journey and try and do it as gracefully as we can. Even if we have boogers in our hair and our showers consist of wiping off yesterdays make up with a baby wipe. I don't care if that sounds gross or uncool , its the truth. I think we all owe it to each other to be HONEST about the trials and tribulations we all have as mothers. We need to support each other, not try to out do each other. We need to be able to say when our days are rough instead of covering it up with a smile and a fluffy story. 

So, heres to a better day tomorrow. If I can get it down to three melt downs instead of five, my day will be a success. And to all my Mama friends, keep on truckin' ladies. Although are days are crazy and stressful, and the only quiet time we get is after our babes have gone to sleep and we're washing dishes, its a pretty cool life. And our babes will appreciate all of our hard work someday. 
Job Well Done Ladies 


  1. Well said! I try to be pretty honest on my blog too. And honestly I often get slack for it. But I don't care. Like you said, we all have crappy days. It just life. During one of my blog rants once, a friend said to me... "As woman we often compare our worst to our friends best." That really hit home, and ever since then I've really been a lot better about not comparing myself to others.It sure makes life easier...not having to keep up with all those "perfect woman"! Okay, so a long comment to say, thanks for keeping it real! We need more real mamma's out there!

  2. AMEN sister! When the walls are down and we share the good, bad AND ugly about our job as mom it feels good to let go and it usually bonds us closer with other mamas. This growth spurt will pass and you'll be just fine. When i was about to deliver colin you were one of those moms of two that I wished i could be because you slipped in to the promotion of mom as two so gracefully. Hopefully the weekend will be dry and sunny and they can burn off that crazy energy. See you next weekend for trick-or-treating! And try not to be hard on yourself, your kids are happy and so loved, that's the best gift you can give them :-)


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