Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Man of The House

You did it again. You grew up this week, and, just like I always do when this happens, I'm having a panic attack because you are moving farther away from my baby and closer to big kid land. All of a sudden you can cut up your piece of chicken without any help. Yesterday you hoped in your car seat and buckled all the buckles, even the tricky bottom one. You can push your sisters straw into her Capri Sun and pull back the lid to the apple sauce for your morning snack. You can pour yourself a bag of pretzels and pop a movie into the DVD player. You can even wipe your own booty.... a huge deal in our house! These things may seem small to some, but they are huge milestones for us.  You are a big boy now, like it or not, and I am so proud of you. Thank you for being my right hand man while Daddy is at work. Maybe next week we'll teach you to drive 
I love you to your bones 

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