Friday, October 21, 2011

Soccer.... Also known as Anxiety Wednesday

Gavin has a soccer game tomorrow. I haven't really talked about this soccer season because he pretty much hates it. Actually, that's not true. He has super bad anxiety all of a sudden and playing on a team has been hard for him. Which leads to loads of tears, fighting, and huge stress for the Mama and Daddy.
Anyways, Wed at practice he played for the first time all by himself. Usually Daddy has to be right next to him the entire time, but this week he couldn't make it. I was sure this would cause huge melt downs, but after just a couple nervous tears, my boy practiced all by himself with the team! And he was good, and he was having FUN! He even went as far to tell me and his coach he is going to play in tomorrows game. I'm not sure that will prove to be true once it comes down to game time, but I am so proud that he's trying.
Yesterday we were out to breakfast and he was talking about how much fun he had at practice and he looked at Sofia and said
"We never give up in the family"

That's right son. We don't. So even though this has been way more stressful than any of us ever anticipated, we show up as a family every week and we never give up.

I love you to your bones Son

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  1. Yea Gav! Lots of prayers for lots of FUN! You are growing up to be such an amazing little man!


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