Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its Raining Its Pouring..... Lets Rip Out the Carpet

I love to change around our home. When I  get bored I paint something, sew something, try and turn a Good Will find into a refurbished treasure. I am constantly looking for things to add or take away. Its kind of a sickness.

We have this nasty burnt brown/orange carpet that is nine hundred years old. I hate it. I hate seeing it in pictures, I hate stepping on it with bare feet. I knew there was original hard wood under it, because the kids room is wood, and I've been buggin' to rip out the whole house and see if the wood was salvageable. 

Cut to Tuesday Morning. 
It was raining, I was antsy.....
and this happened. 

I ripped out the hallway carpet and couldn't stop. Its like I was addicted. We did the hallway and I looked at Steve with that crazy look in my eyes, and he said " 
Let me eat lunch first before you start ripping out the living room!"

And then this happened 

Let me tell you the crap that is under carpet is DISGUSTING! So SO SO gross 

Nine hours, a million carpet staples and a hundred tack strips, the Classic Rock station on Pandora, and VERY SORE hands, we did it! 
Don't get me wrong, the floors need a lot of TLC from a sander and some varnish, but the potential is incredible. I love the way the room feels, the echo down the hall..... the sound of little feet pitter pattering through the house. 

 Any volunteers to help us finish???
 C'mon you know you want to.
 I'll make you  cupcakes

p.s. this is what the babes room looked like while we were working. I didn't care because they were SO good and played SO nice while we got down to business. 
But Wowza what a mess  

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